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Lexilogos online arabic keyboard is verry popular and much used on the Internet. Lexilogos arabic allows easily write Arabic language, arabic alphabet and Arabic texts.

Lexilogos the well known online arabic keybord

arabe   العربية dictionnary online arabic keyboard


How to use this arabic keyboard (taken from Lexilogos and improved)

You can use your Qwerty (or Azerty) to write arabic language :

  • Use capital letters for the amphatic letters
    example: use H, S, D, T, Z for 'ح' 'ص' 'ض' 'ط' 'ظ'
  • For letters that contains diacritical, add apostrophe
    example : t' for 'ث', H' for 'خ', d' for 'ذ', s' for 'ش', S' for 'ض', T' for 'ظ' et g' foSr 'غ'

Special caracters of arabic language:

|for the character| |type in your keyboard|
ء (hamza) -   (tiret)
ئ   y--
ؤ   w--
إ   a--
أ   -a
آ   aa
ى (alif maqsura) Y
ة (ta marbouta) h'
لا   la

Les lettres qui correspondent aux sons g, p, v n'existent pas dans la langue arabe classique. Mais pour retranscrire par exemple des mots d'origine européenne, on utilise ces équivalences :

pour le caractère taper sur le clavier
g   ڨ Algérie, Tunisie   q'
g ڭ Maroc k'
p پ   p ou b'
v ڢ Algérie, Tunisie v
v ڤ Maroc f'
ch چ   c ou j'

Remark about arabic letters and arabic numbers:

  • The graphic of arabic letters differs dépending on the position of the letter in the word
  • The following arabic figures ("٠","١","٢","٣","٤","٥","٦","٧","٨","٩") are not often used.

Use[Ctrl]+[C] to copy your text & and use [Ctrl]+[V] to past it

Lexilogos arabic is just an arabic keyboard among others!

In addition to LEXILOGOS Arabic keyboard, you may choose from our website dedicated to arabic keyboards, another keyboard that can be probably better. BETTER than LEXILOGOS Arabic may be clavi arab or Yamli that allow you to type in Roman characters and the keyboard transorm into arabic language!.